Mild but not quiet (Mild aber nicht Leise) > Songs and arias by M. Glinka,   M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, E. Grieg,  D. Shostakovich,  J. Rodrigo, M. de Falla, R. Strauss, R. Wagner and S. Barber. 


Love, love, love! (Liebe! Liebe! Liebe!) > All about love in word and music with lyrics, scenes and songs from J. S. Bach to G. Gershwin.


I would like to fall in love! > Soiree with selected arias and songs from operettas by  F. Lehar to J. Offenbach.


Livelier than the larks singing! > Songs by Russian composers

M. Glinka, A. Ippolitow-Iwanow, M. Mussorgsky, P. I. Tchaikovsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov and S. Rachmaninov.


France meets Russia! > Soiree about spiritual affinity between both 

cultures with songs from F. Poulenc, C. Debussy, S. Rachmaninoff and

P. I. Tchaikovsky.


France! Mon Amour! > Songs of impressionism by  C. Debussy, 

F. Poulenc,  E. Satie and  H. Duparc.


Spanish Fiesta > Songs of Spanish composers M. de Falla and J. Rodrigo.


Canzone belle sconoscuti d´amore > Beautiful and rare songs and  ballads by G. Puccini and G. Verdi.


Ave Maria > "Ave Marias” by J. Bach and F. Schubert as well as rarities by

L. Cherubini, P. Mascagni and L. Luzzi.


Happy birthday or from Russia with Love! > Songs by S. Rachmaninov

and P. I. Tchaikovsky,  F. Chopin, F. Liszt and R. Schumann.


The sound of American music > Songs and arias  by S. Barber,  

A. Copland and G. C. Menotti.


The Night of the Musical! > Songs G. Gershwin, L. Bernstein, R. Rodgers from "Porgy and Bess“, "Westside Story“ and "The Sounds of Music".


Soft rebel! > Poetry of rebellious soviet poet A. Akhmatova that show her lyric side, set to music by J. Tavener and S. Prokofiev.